The California Central Coast's
Most Experienced Event-Videography Team

Performance DVDs make GREAT gifts!

Your children will treasure the DVD for years to come, when they can look back on their performance or graduation and see their friends and classmates (and themselves!).

We shoot with one, two, or more cameras (depending on the requirements
of the event), using multiple audio sources, and produce the edited result
as an integrated, menu-driven DVD.

Why a DVD in this age of Streaming Video?

Short answer: You own the performance DVD, forever, and you (or your descendants) can play it whenever you want. A streaming video is available for viewing only as long as the Internet server where it resides is kept up and running, and as long as the file isn't removed from the server. And if your Internet connection happens to be down at the time you want to watch it --- you can't watch it.
And: A DVD has a menu, so you can go directly to the scene
you want to watch. You can't do that with streaming video.

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Montecito Union School, African Odyssey, February 5, 2016 Laguna Blanca Middle School Performance, January 26, 2016
Laguna Blanca Upper School Performance, January 21, 2016 Goleta Valley Jr High School, Musical Theatre Performance, January 10, 2016